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Center Office

Menemen / Izmir / Turkey

24 Years of Experience

Established in 2005, AKCELEP Cannery operates at an outdoor area of 34 thousand square meters and an indoor area of 7 thousand square meters. Since its establishment, AKCELEP GROUP has been gradually expanding its product range and producing canned foods, various sauces and roasted products at international standards and quality.

Exporting to the largest supermarket chains and food industries in 35 countries all across the world, AKCELEP proceeds with its steady growth with its planned new investments and has increased its production capacity by 50% in 2022.

Akcelep Sustainability Manifesto

Akcelep is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
As we shape our food production and consumption processes, we adhere to the following principles:

Increasing Agricultural Efficiency with Natural Pesticides: We enhance agricultural productivity by utilizing pesticides derived from natural sources such as microorganisms, plants, bacteria, and natural minerals.
Resource Conservation and Environmentally Respectful Production: We employ innovative technologies in land and product management to conserve resources and minimize harm to the environment.
Improving Food Preservation with Natural Microbial Products: We enhance food preservation processes by utilizing natural and controlled microbial products to extend shelf life.
Organic Feed and Fertilizer Usage: We support the natural cycle by preferring organic feed in environments where animal products are used as fertilizer.

Preference for Certified Industrial Products: In our industrial product procurement, we prioritize certified and eco-friendly options to minimize our environmental footprint. Climate-Friendly Packaging: Our packaging is made of climate-friendly and recyclable materials, excluding plastics that will soon be banned by the EU.
Reducing Food Waste: We continually implement various measures to reduce food loss and waste from production to consumer usage.

We are committed to these principles as we strive for sustainability and environmental responsibility. We will continue to provide our customers with high-quality products while contributing to our planet and communities. Overall, this manifesto effectively communicates your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility while outlining specific goals and principles that align with your brand's values.

Akcelep 2030 Sustainability Manifesto

We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of agriculture and strengthening our commitment to sustainability by 2030.
Our outlined objectives are as follows:

Reduction of Chemical Pesticide Usage: We aim to decrease the overall usage and risk associated with chemical pesticides by 50%, alongside a 50% reduction in the utilization of more hazardous pesticides.
Reduction of Food Losses and Preservation of Soil Fertility: Our goal is to minimize food losses by a minimum of 50% while concurrently safeguarding soil fertility. Additionally, we intend to decrease fertilizer usage by a minimum of 20%.
Expansion of Organic Farming Areas: Our aim is to have 25% of cultivated areas dedicated to organic farming. This initiative is geared towards promoting environmentally friendly farming practices by diminishing the reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Increase in Agricultural Land Diversity: We aspire to bring at least 10% of agricultural lands back to landscapes with high landscape diversity. This endeavor is designed to enhance biological diversity, bolster ecosystem health, and elevate the productivity of agricultural lands.

We are firmly committed to forging a sustainable future and take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We pledge to continue offering our customers healthy, premium-quality, and environmentally friendly products.

Fields of Activity

Canned Vegetables: We process natural and fresh vegetables in their freshest and healthiest form and turn them into our canned products. In this context, we process main products such as Jalapeno, Capia Pepper, Tomato, Artichoke, Eggplant and offer canned food, antipasti and many other products.
Sauces: We save our customers time by producing sauces for practical and delicious meals. We add color to the tables with our products such as Table Sauces, Dipping Sauces, Cooking Sauces and Pasta Sauces.
Organic Products: We offer organic canned food options for our customers who prefer healthy and natural products. Our products, produced with vegetables and fruits obtained from organic agriculture, are the choice of those who care about natural nutrition.
Private Label and Branding: We meet the special demands of our customers by offering production and marking services specific to their needs. We produce special solutions for businesses and institutions that want to market their products under their own brands.
Export and Distribution: We bring our products to consumers abroad through a wide distribution network. We are constantly looking for new markets so that our quality products are in demand in international markets.

As Akcelep Gıda, our top priority is to meet our customers' expectations and encourage healthy nutrition by producing 20 million jars, 1.5 million tins, 1 million pasteurizable plates and 1 million pasteurizable bags annually in a high quality, hygienic and natural way. We constantly continue to improve our product quality and production processes to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

Our Brands

Our Environmental Policy

To fulfill the requirements of the legal legislation related to the environment and other obligations to which it is subject. To ensure that the consumption of natural resources is minimized during the execution of our processes. To ensure that the efficiency of the processes is monitored and the wastes generated are minimized. To ensure the separation of the wastes generated and the recovery of the recyclable ones. 

To dispose of hazardous wastes in accordance with legal requirements and with minimum environmental impact. Working with public institutions, environmental NGOs, customers and suppliers for environmental protection.

To offer training and inform our employees on these issues for the purpose of raising social awareness regarding the protection and preservation of the environment.

Environmental Awareness & Waste Management

By ensuring that all sorts of wastes are optimally minimized at source, we contribute to the recycling chain by separating them into classes, conveying them to the relevant disposal organizations and storing them in appropriate areas during this process. Within the scope of the ongoing “Zero Waste Project”, improvement processes we undertake, we are trying to raise the environmental awareness of our entire Akcelep family with our recycling bins placed in the relevant areas.

Moreover, for the purpose of supporting the environment by generating energy, we have included the investment for the solar panels to be built on the roof of our facility within our 2022 plans.

Contract Agriculture

Our Agricultural Procurement team, providing technical support to the farmers with who we perform contract, provides the required information and the products are maintained under control at every stage of production with the philosophy of safe food from field to table.

Although pesticides, which are inevitable to be used in agricultural productions due to climate change, have protective and yield-increasing effects on the product, they also have harmful effects on the ecosystem if their use is not restricted. In this context, we follow the relevant processes of all our farmers by acting with environmental awareness, and we also verify these uses with pesticide analyzes that we have performed in accredited institutions.

Our GMO Policy

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is not used in any raw materials, auxiliary materials and additives we use in the production process of our products. 
In accordance with the applicable laws of our country laws, the use of GMO-containing substances in foodstuffs is prohibited.

As a corporation, we support the implementation of GMO law. In the products we export, we state that there should be no GMOs in accordance with our specifications and we receive declarations from our suppliers on this issue. 

We undertake that all our endeavors and processes on GMOs comply with the Regulation on Genetically Modified Organisms and Products of the Turkish Food legislation and also with the Regulations of the European Union (EC) No 1829/2003 and (EC) No 1830/2003.


To ensure that our entire products we produce are safe, high quality and in compliance with the applicable law. To fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers in a timely manner in accordance with the legal regulations by prioritizing their satisfaction and thus to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

To follow innovations and sectoral developments in order to ensure continuous development. To provide trainings to our employees. To increase our ability to produce safe products having the desired quality by cooperating with our suppliers, Not inflicting harm to the environment while performing our productions and not to avoid any cooperation with all relevant parties in this regard. To provide a peaceful, safe environment for our employees, to support teamwork and to adhere to ethical values.

To carry out effective studies and controls to manage the authenticity risks in the procurement process of all our inputs in order to provide safe and reliable products to our customers.

To carry out our work with our suppliers and customers within the framework of ethical trade rules, to work in collaboration with them for long years and to grow together.

R&D and Product Development

We continue our R&D activities all year long in order to keep up with new products in the world market and to follow changing consumption understanding and new packaging trends.

Our R & D department also plays a major role in the planning of our investments that we will make in parallel with our company’s growth target.



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Izmir, Turkey

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